Data, Big or Small

We help businesses use their data to transform the way they work


State-of-the-art pattern recognition for market insight and behaviour prediction.


Data-driven decision making for faster, more efficient operations and sales.


Speed up repetitive complex workflows and focus on what matters.

Transform your business

Master your data to revolutionise the way your company works

Automate complex tasks

Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence mean that it is now possible to automate many complex processes which previously required human intervention. Costly and time consuming tasks can now be performed in the blink of an eye by algorithms trained to understand your business environment.

Recognise hidden patterns

Today we generate more data than at any point in the past. Utilise modern data science techniques in order to understand, predict and shape customer behaviour. Detect anomalous or fraudulent behaviour with systems that never sleep. Harness your data to understand your business better than ever before.

Our Process


We work with you to identify opportunities, and you might be surprised how potent they can be. The machine learning community has made incredible advances since 2010, with the advent of many new techniques transforming the field.

Data Science

Powerful strategic insights can be derived from the data you already have. We help you discover these to better understand your clients, business processes and market position.

Algorithm Design

We combine software engineering and machine learning expertise to build robust and scalable algorithms that will be at the heart of your new solutions.

About Us

Imprint formed in 2015 when founders James and Chris identified an opportunity to bring the benefits of machine learning to organisations that hadn’t yet realised its potential. James and Chris work together to maximise their client's business efficiency, customer-satisfaction and ultimately, their profits.